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Welcome to Divabikini. With a whole new skin treatment appearing from thin air every few months, we understand that you are confused about the health and needs of your skin more than ever! That is normal, and we have nothing against you. We know your state, and we know that sometimes it is really hard to choose one from a pool of thousands! That’s where we come in – we exist to make your life simpler, even if just for a slight bit!

We are here to tell you all we know about microdermabrasion. We presume you may have heard the term ‘microdermabrasion’ already. You see, we deal with that very topic. We are sincere in our efforts because we know how important your face is to you, and to us. We respect your desire to look beautiful every single day, even though it can be so challenging at times!

With us in this journey with you, any information you need about microdermabrasion will be at the tip of your fingertips anytime anywhere! We try our best to make everything about the technique as transparent as possible, because we know how much your well being matters, and because we care!

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You are not alone in your journey of getting to know the world of microdermabrasion bit by bit. It may be your first time of getting to know the subject, or you may have heard the term a thousand times already. But it does not matter whether you know anything about microdermabrasion or not, because whatever the case, we are holding your hand in this journey, and we are not going to let your hand go, no matter how tough the ride gets!

Your beauty is of utmost importance for us, and that is why we tell you where to go for treatment, what costs to expect, and what type of professional to choose.

We also know that sometimes you just want to be away from all those spas and artificially scary looking products and machines! We know it very well that sometimes you just want to do the treatment yourself, in the comfort of your sweet home!

That is the exact reason why a large part of our website is dedicated to home microdermabrasion techniques. Whether it is about choosing the right products, or performing the procedure the safest way possible, we offer inputs as well as tips and tricks regarding every little detail there is. And in case you want to know more about something, just shoot us an e-mail, and we will get in touch with you!

Your skin is important, and we want to reassure you that you are in safe hands. We know microdermabrasion better than most others, and we want you to make an expert in the field too! So please, stick with us! Because even if you do not know it yet, you are going to love this journey with us! Along the way if you have any questions you can contact us here .

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Tina L. Bridge (Author)

Tina Bridge

Certified Makeup Artist and Esthetician

Tina L. Bridge grew up in Orlando, Florida, last born in a family of three. Her passion and interest in beauty began at a very young age. Growing up, she never wanted to be anything but a makeup artist. For as long as Tina can remember, she has always enjoyed taking care of others and making them feel beautiful.

Tina graduated an esthetician and certified makeup artist in 2008. She then took up on-trend classes for skincare and makeup. In the first 10 years of her career, Tina worked in the cosmetology industry. Since then, she has worked with over half a dozen internationally known cosmetic lines, from Chanel to Christian Dior, among others.

After several years of working in the cosmetic line, she then devoted her energy to esthetics. Because she is a practicing and licensed esthetician, the products she recommends for her in-studio clients and her website are proven to work. She does not endorse products left in the backroom or those with a better deal in the market. Tina spends most of her time researching to ensure the products she recommends for both men and women work. Her product line is known to contain cosmeceutical grade ingredients with acne control and rejuvenation emphasis.

Email : tinabridge@divabikini.com

Salana Josie

Cosmetologist and Beauty Blogger

Hi. My name is Louise J. Weatherspoon, 34, a professionally certified makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist with a liberal mind and heart. I grew up in North Carolina and moved to Miami for college to study art and writing. I was particularly interested in the fashion and beauty industry.

Currently, I live in Brooklyn with my little pup, Dona. I am constantly looking for inspiration and always up for adventure. Heads up; my blog occasionally receives brand sponsorships for mentioning their services and products. The affiliate links used are independently motivated by the brand or the companies I link to. I started beauty blogging in 2009. Since then, I have created a successful career in writing as a freelancer and a blogger.

My blogging has opened opportunities for me, allowing me to travel to some breathtaking places. My blog is mainly targeted towards women above 30. It is about finding a style that suits you through unearthing transformative beauty items. I am dedicated to helping women choose what’s best for them in the beauty industry by offering honest reviews of products and trends. I also offer a unique perspective on all things makeup and beauty.

My blog is focused on inspiring, entertaining, and empowering women through positive experiences and diversity. 

Email : salanajosie@divabikini.com

Louise J. Weatherspoon (Author)
Kimberly J. Oscar (Author)

Kimberly J. Oscar

Nail Technician & Coach

Hello there guys. I am a 28-year-old nail technician living in Boston. For the last 7 years, I have traveled domestically and internationally, educating nail professionals in some of the most high-end salons and Day Spa’s in the industry.

I became an education ambassador in 2012. I am dedicated to offering my clients the latest and most polished techniques, practices, and innovations the industry knows for the highest-quality nail services. In the beginning of my career, I worked at a parlor in a Bostin Suburb before branching out on my own in 2012. I am dedicated to understanding my clients fully in terms of their style preferences and activity level. My goal is to enhance the beauty of each client, leaving them feeling naturally beautiful and confident through offering quality and expert nail art.

I train my clients on how to identify color theory, the customer’s cuticles, and the skin tone, to establish and meet beauty goals. My theme has always been to neutralize, match, and accessorize. I never settle for “just okay” but I believe in creating amazing art every time I handle my clients. As an education ambassador, I look forward to educating more salons and spas on nail health and anatomy. f

Email : kimberly@divabikini.com

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