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Greetings and welcome to Divabikini. In today’s evolving skincare industry, new treatments are introduced regularly, often making it challenging to understand and meet your skin’s unique requirements.

This is a common concern, and we empathize with your predicament of selecting the most suitable treatment amongst the plethora of available options. This is precisely where we come in – our purpose is to facilitate and streamline your skincare decisions, thereby simplifying your life to a certain extent.

Our specialty is microdermabrasion, a term that you might already be familiar with. We focus our efforts on this domain due to its importance in enhancing facial aesthetics, a matter that we realize holds significant value for you. We understand and respect your aspiration to maintain your beauty every day, despite the difficulties often associated with it.

As your partner in this journey, we ensure that comprehensive information on microdermabrasion is readily accessible to you, wherever and whenever required. Our objective is to maintain complete transparency about this procedure, primarily because your wellbeing is of utmost importance to us, and also because we genuinely care. Thank you for trusting us as your reliable source for skincare advice.

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Your exploration into the realm of microdermabrasion is a journey that you do not undertake alone. Whether you are completely new to the subject or have been familiar with the term, your level of understanding is of no consequence. This is because we are committed to guiding you through this process, providing unwavering support irrespective of the complexities encountered.

Your aesthetic aspirations are our primary concern, and as a reflection of this commitment, we assist you in navigating through treatment options, understanding the potential costs, and identifying suitable professionals.

We recognize that there may be times when you prefer the tranquility and familiarity of your own home over the bustling atmosphere of spas, and the seemingly daunting array of products and devices. This understanding has prompted us to dedicate a significant portion of our website to home-based microdermabrasion techniques.

Whether it involves selecting the appropriate products or executing the procedure in the safest manner, we provide comprehensive advice, tips, and strategies concerning every relevant detail. Should you require further information on any particular aspect, we invite you to reach out to us via email, and we assure you of a prompt response.

We wish to emphasize that with us, your skin’s well-being is a priority. Our deep expertise in microdermabrasion, which we aim to impart to you, assures you of being in safe hands. We urge you to continue this journey with us, confident in the belief that you will find it enriching and enjoyable. Should you have any queries along the way, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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Tina L. Bridge (Author)

Tina Bridge

Certified Makeup Artist and Esthetician

Tina L. Bridge, a native of Orlando, Florida and the youngest of three siblings, discovered her passion for beauty at an incredibly young age. Throughout her childhood, she always envisioned herself as a makeup artist, a profession that aligned with her innate desire to care for others and to enhance their beauty.

In 2008, Tina attained her certification as a makeup artist and graduated as an esthetician. She then pursued specialized classes focusing on current skincare and makeup trends. For the initial decade of her career, she was deeply involved in the cosmetology sector. Over time, Tina has had the opportunity to work with numerous internationally acclaimed cosmetic brands, including but not limited to Chanel and Christian Dior.

Following several years in the cosmetics industry, Tina shifted her focus towards esthetics. As a practicing and licensed esthetician, she endorses products for her clients, both in-studio and online, based on their proven effectiveness. She refrains from promoting products based merely on their availability or competitive market prices. Instead, Tina dedicates a substantial amount of her time to research, ensuring that the products she recommends are genuinely effective for both men and women. Her product line is recognized for its cosmeceutical-grade ingredients, with a particular focus on acne control and skin rejuvenation.

Email : tinabridge@divabikini.com

Salana Josie

Cosmetologist and Beauty Blogger

Salana Josie, a 34-year-old certified makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist known for her progressive mindset and compassionate heart. Originally from North Carolina, Josie moved to Miami to pursue her college studies, where she combined her passion for art and writing with a particular focus on the fashion and beauty industry.

Now based in Brooklyn with her adorable puppy, Dona, Josie embodies the spirit of adventure, continually seeking inspiration from her surroundings. It’s worth noting that her blog, DivaBikini, periodically features brand collaborations and product recommendations. The decision to incorporate affiliate links is independently made, reflecting the ethos and principles of the connected brands or companies.

Josie initiated her journey in beauty blogging with DivaBikini in 2009. Since then, she has successfully paved her way as a freelance writer and prominent blogger. Blogging has broadened her horizons, offering opportunities to travel and witness some of the world’s most inspiring locations.

DivaBikini, primarily targeting women above the age of 30, emphasizes personal style exploration through transformative beauty products. Josie’s dedication lies in assisting women navigate the beauty industry labyrinth. She provides unbiased reviews of beauty products and trends, offering a unique perspective on everything related to makeup and beauty.

But DivaBikini isn’t just about beauty; it serves as a platform aiming to inspire, entertain, and empower women through the celebration of positive experiences and diversity.

Email : salanajosie@divabikini.com

Louise J. Weatherspoon (Author)
Kimberly J. Oscar (Author)

Kimberly J. Oscar

Nail Technician & Coach

Kimberly J. Oscar, a dedicated 28-year-old nail technician based in Boston. With a beauty industry experience spanning seven years, Kimberly has traveled extensively, both domestically and internationally, sharing her knowledge with other nail professionals in some of the most upscale salons and day spas.

Kimberly embraced the role of an education ambassador in 2012, showcasing an unwavering commitment to providing her clients with the most current and sophisticated techniques, practices, and innovations in the industry for top-quality nail services. Kimberly’s professional journey began in a suburban Boston parlor, before she confidently established her independent practice in the same year.

Understanding her clients’ style preferences and lifestyle is of paramount importance to Kimberly. She seeks to enhance each client’s innate beauty, instilling a sense of confidence through the delivery of expert and high-quality nail artistry.

Kimberly equips her clients with knowledge on color theory, cuticle health, and skin tone determination, all aimed at helping them achieve their beauty goals. Her guiding mantra is to “neutralize, match, and accessorize,” consistently aiming for excellence, and rejecting mediocrity. Kimberly believes that each client encounter should result in the creation of unique and remarkable nail art.

As an education ambassador, Kimberly looks forward to continuing to share her insights with more salons and spas, focusing on essential topics such as nail health and anatomy.

Email : kimberly@divabikini.com

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