Baking Soda Powder for Your Personal Skincare (Wash and Mask)

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Baking soda has huge potential for skincare. It’s natural and potent. The effects it can have on its own and as a mixture with other natural ingredients can help you keep your skin healthy and clean.

There are so many methods for clearing up skin these days, but the natural ones are always the best. Baking soda is even better than most because you can find it right there in your home! Let’s take a look at some of the positive effects our skin gains from baking soda, shall we?

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Glowing Skin

Glowing skin gives you a young, healthy look. Baking soda mixed with orange juice helps you to bring about that glow.

Ordinarily, to have glowing skin, you need to take good care of your body. This involves regular workouts, eating healthy foods, etc. While I do recommend following that advice, you can speed up the process by rubbing a baking soda and orange juice (100% organic orange juice, obviously) onto your skin.

The process is easy and inexpensive, allowing you to improve your skin in ways that would normally cost you hundreds in synthetic products.

Acne Scars

Your pores can get clogged by dirt and dead skin cells, causing acne to grow. The acne formation is then covered by a thin layer of skin to prevent it from getting any worse.

Baking soda, when combined with a bit of water, acts as an exfoliation paste. The paste removes the protective layer of skin, allowing the dirt and dead skin cells to come out naturally. It also improves collagen production which allows your pores to health quickly.

Because of the above effects, acne scars can be completely removed by baking soda. No mark will be left. The exception to this is if your acne is active. Active acne may still leave a scar, so I would advise seeing a doctor when this occurs.


Rashes are caused by infection or inflammation. Baking soda can’t cure an infection, but it can soothe one. The contents of baking soda are harmful to most germs, allowing your rash to clear up that much faster.

Simply mix the baking soda with some coconut oil and gently dab it onto the rash. Be careful not to apply pressure as you may make it worse. Leave it there until it gets absorbed into the skin. You should notice some improvement within a few minutes.


Sunburn can be relieved in a similar way to a rash. Instead of coconut oil, mix the baking soda with cold water and gently apply it to your sunburn. You should feel some relief almost immediately.

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Blackheads are much like acne, except that they are trapped further into the pores of your skin, rather than sticking out. They don’t tend to be infectious and are easier to handle.

Dark Spots

Dark spots are a common problem, especially with age and for pregnant women. While I would advise waiting until after giving birth to do anything about dark spots, you can use a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice (again, it should be 100%) to help correct the coloring of the spot. You should apply this by rubbing it into the spot on a weekly basis. Leave it on the spot for several minutes so that the skin has time to soak it in.

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Technically, we’ve covered this when we spoke about acne and blackheads. Cleansing your skin involves exfoliating the top layer in order to remove unwanted contents, such as those. It softens and unclogs the pores as well as causing debris to be easily removed.

To deal with all these things at once, you can apply a facial mask made up of water and baking soda to your face. Don’t leave it on for more than two minutes as the baking soda is quite potent. Rinse your face well and watch the marks and spots disappear over time. Repeat this once a week.

If you’re still having trouble with any of the above or you have sensitive skin, consult a doctor before you try anything else. Remember, health is wealth!

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