2019 Beautiful Makeup Trends And How To Do Them

young girl applying make up on herself

There are various styles of makeup and they keep on changing with time. The type of makeup applied should vary according to the occasion the person intends to wear it for. For example, if a person is going to a wedding then that person could opt for a grander make-up. But if one simply needs to go shopping, then the make-up can be lighter and more natural-looking. Some of the types of makeup are discussed here.

  1. The Natural Make-Up

Also known as the “No Make-Up Make-Up.” With the natural make-up look, the face will be just enhanced in order to look bright and simple. The common misconception is that the natural make-up look is easy but this is actually one of the most challenging make-up looks to make.

woman closing eyes

How To Do The Natural Make-Up Look:

First off, you have to wash your face with water and soap or a facial cleanser. Cleansing and exfoliating skin helps blend in make-up easily and making it stay longer. Also, having a dirty face and applying make-up puts your skin at a higher risk of developing acne, pimples and other skin blemishes.

Next step is to apply concealer. Apply this more under the circles of your eyes and other areas where there are redness and dark spots. Do not use too much concealer though because that actually accentuates the problem areas.

Apply an oil-absorbing powder on your face, especially if it’s oily. Use brush to spread the powder, using circular motions. Next, swipe on a cream blush in pink or peach colors. Then, add definition to your eyes, first with a soft, brownish eye shadow. Choose an eye shadow that’s one to two shades darker than your skin. Apply them to the center of the lids, the inner corners of the eyes and the brow bones. You can also add some eye linger to define your eyes but keep it light. Finally, choose a lip tint or gloss that’s one shade darker than your natural lip color.

  1. The Bridal Make-Up

Usually in this kind of makeup the person will expect a bright and grand look. Some brides may expect a bold look — in such cases, the eye makeup should be concentrated more by using accessories like eyelashes, and thick strokes of eye liners.

How To Do A Bridal Make-Up

Depending on the preference of the bride, make-up can be done a million and one ways. However, one rule should always apply – you should highlight either the eyes or the lips (and never the same at once).

Highlighting both eyes and lips could make you look like a clown (imagine that plus a bunch of cheek blush!). So, in choosing a bridal make-up, you should be more careful.

Since you could do bridal make-up in many ways, here are some basic tricks and tips that should always be applied no matter what the make-up will be:

  • Do not use a dewy finish foundation
  • Wear an eye primer to make eye shadow stay on longer
  • Do not apply too much powder – this could cause your face to appear cakey
  • Use false eyelashes to brighten up your eyes
  • Highlight your cheekbones with some countouring
  • Wear waterproof make-up – It’s gonna be a long and emotional day! You wouldn’t want sweat and tears to run your make-up, would you?
  1. Evening Make-Up

Evening make-up are suitable for parties and clubbing. Usually, this is done with very bold and often shiny colors, which will appear to be attractive even in dim lighting.

Evening make-up trends these days also tend to use more black metallics as well as brown, cream and nude colors. It also involves a lot of face contouring to help define your face better, especially when those party lights hit your face!

How To Do The Evening Make-Up Look:

  • Apply concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Also, choose a foundation that matches closely to your skin color. Dot the concealer on any blemishes or on the circles under your eyes. Blend concealer with your fingertips.
  • Dot liquid foundation on your skin and blend using a brush evenly. Try to avoid powder foundations because these tend to make you appear cakey. However, that doesn’t mean liquid foundation doesn’t cake. The key is to clean or wash your face before applying any sort of make-up.
  • Swipe on powder to lock in the concealer and foundation. You can choose to swipe on shimmery powder or highlighting powder.
  • Apply eye shadow. Make sure that you use colors that are close to each other.
  • Apply eyebrow pencil on your eyebrows. Follow the shape of your eyebrows and fill in the spaces where no hair is visible – make an arch at the highest point of your eyebrows. Don’t overdo your eyebrows though and make sure the strokes follow where the direction of the hairs.
  • Apply highlighters on the brow bone, the inner eye and along the nose line – this would make the lights work in your favor.
  • Apply lip balm before applying lipstick. Your lipstick should go well with your skin tone.

Wearing make-up can be fun and could enhance your facial features if you do it properly. To get more ideas, you can watch make-up tutorial videos online and try to follow them. Remember to use trusted make-up brands and avoid unknown and very cheap brands that have not been approved by the FDA. Also, check out the for DIY facial methods at home to get a firmer skin.