Facials: The Best Skin Care Habit To Have Amazing Flawless Skin

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One of the most effective ways to maintain a healthy, smooth and younger looking skin is to get a facial treatment regularly.

A facial treatment is one of the most sought-after treatments done in a beauty salon due to its positive effects on a person’s physical appearance.

Facials can be done for both women and men. The main purpose of this is to remove the dead skin cells on the face and rejuvenate the remaining skin cells, as well as scrub out excess oils, dirt, germs and other things that might block the pores. This in turn, would improve your skin texture and complexion.

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Different Types of Facials

There are various types of facials that you can try like fruit facial, gold facial, mud facial, protein facial and so on. The facial packs will be decided based on a person’s skin type.

If you seek facial treatments in salons and spas, you will most likely be consulting with a trained esthetician to identify your skin type and its current problems.

Why You Need to Get A Facial?

A facial treatment is basically a spring cleaning for your face. It’s one way of getting rid of all the factors that might cause blemishes and even severe skin conditions.

Our skin is exposed to different harmful things in the environment – exposure to the sun, extreme cold, dust, smoke, etc. could cause a damaging wear and tear on the skin. A facial is your way of pampering your skin after all the stress.

Usually, you could expect four important steps when you get a facial.

  1. Consultation

Every person has a different skin type and different skin needs. That being said, not all facial treatments work well on just about everyone. A good spa would know how to tailor their facial treatments to a person’s needs.

Before a facial treatment itself, you will be meeting with a spa or facial center’s in-house esthetician. Estheticians are trained professionals that could identify a person’s skin type and skin issues.

Usually, during this process, the esthetician would be asking you related questions such as your diet, exercise and skin care habits. After the consultation, your esthetician will recommend a facial treatment suited for your needs.

  1. Cleansing

After the consultation, comes the facial cleansing process. The face has to be washed well with cold water and face wash. Other spas might only wash your face with a special soap made for your skin type to get rid of basic impurities like dust. This makes the face clean.

  1. Steaming

In most spas, the use of steam machines is the standard. Unless you have overly-sensitive skin, this is not something you should worry about. Facial steaming usually only involves a gentle, warm vapor. This is done to open your pores and encourage skin impurities like black heads and white heads to appear, making it easier for the esthetician to spot them.

  1. Exfoliation

This process usually involves exfoliation materials and machines. Prior to that, your esthetician might apply a cream or serum before using a mechanical exfoliation machine. Depending on your skin needs, steaming and exfoliation might be done simultaneously.

The purpose of this is to scrub out the dead skin cells and make way for new ones. In some cases, however, estheticians choose to skip the exfoliation part, especially in cases where acne is severe. 

And in cases where you’ve been using (or planning to use) at-home products for exfoliation – most commonly known as microdermabrasion, it is best that you check for any side effects prior to using any product by researching them from either microdermabrasion at home reviews or your own dermatologist.  

  1. Extraction

After exfoliation, it’s time for extraction. Extraction is the process in which your black heads, white heads and other blemishes will be pricked or extracted. Depending on the condition of your pimples, this is the process wherein they will also be extracted.

This process might be a bit uncomfortable since your esthetician will be pulling your skin blemishes from being lodged deep into your pores. Depending on the number of skin imperfections on your face, this process might also take a long time.

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  1. Massage

Once the esthetician has extracted all your blemishes, a cream should be applied on your face in order to “calm” your skin from all the stress it has gone through from the extraction.

A massage will be done for about five to ten minutes as it will improve the blood circulation better on your face.

The final phase will be applying a face pack, which takes about seven to ten minutes to dry.

Finally, the mask will be wiped off with the help of a wet cloth or a tissue. Other times, it will be washed off.

The total time spent for a proper facial would be about 30 to 40 minutes. The materials used for this work should be of high quality, since the face is one of the most sensitive parts in the body.