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How can a Male Care for His Face?

Just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take as much care of your face as a woman does. Regardless of gender, we all must keep our skin healthy. …

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How to Remove Dead Skin Cells from the Face

Whether we can see them or not, our bodies are covered in dead skin cells. The dead skin cells don’t cause any immediate trouble, but if left there they block …

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How to Wash Your Face (Tips)

You might not realize it, but washing your face is an art. It takes much more than a bar of soap and some water to keep your face clean and …

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Winter Face Care Tips

Winter is the worst time for keeping skin healthy. The cold weather impacts your skin the most, especially if you have dry or oily skin. It doesn’t have to be …

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How to Naturally Remove a Suntan?

Some people spend hours trying to get the perfect tan. Others spend their money trying to get rid of it. I’ll leave the appearance debate up to the professionals. In …

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Magnesium Oil Benefits – from Sports Performance to Migraine Relief

You may be shocked at how important magnesium is for you. This one component of your body is the difference between a fully functional body system and an absolute mess. …

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Natural Face Mask

Learn the 3 Best Methods for Facial Whitening or Risk an Unbalanced Complexion!

Shortcuts cost you more than they save. There are hundreds of synthetic methods for the whitening of the facial skin. Yes, these methods work fast and effectively. However, they don’t …

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5 Organic Skin Care Ingredients to Utilize for Smooth, Clean Skin All Year Long

Natural skin care products are all the rage these days. Everyone is noticing the adverse side effects that artificial products tend to produce after some time. The power of nature …

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7 Tips for choosing the right lipstick for you

Lipstick is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about makeup. Adding color to your lips can make a big difference to the appearance of your face, …

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