Facials: The Best Skin Care Habit?

One of the most effective ways to maintain a healthy, smooth and younger looking skin is to get a facial treatment regularly. A facial treatment is one of the most …

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Key Steps To The Best Skin Care

The face, they say, is the window to one’s soul (or is it the eyes?). Either way, the face is one of the first few things that people notice about …

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Layering & Moisturizing Skin During Day Time

It’s easy to take for granted important skin care products during day time, especially because we just can’t fit it into our busy schedules. However, experts say that developing a …

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Make-Up Trends And How To Do Them

There are various styles of makeup and they keep on changing with time. The type of makeup applied should vary according to the occasion the person intends to wear it …

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Basic Must-Haves For Your Make-Up Kit

If you’ve only recently developed a sudden fascination towards make-up, you’ve probably asked this to yourself more than once: What items should I buy? Putting up a makeup kit is …

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How Important Is Make-Up? Science & Women Explain

There are women who love makeup, women who don’t wear any make-up and women who are in-between. Women have their reasons for wearing make-up. Before, many people looked at women …

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Common Make-Up Mistakes You’re Making

Have you ever looked at old photos and found that you’ve committed LOTS of make-up faux pas before? Have you ever cringed at just how much eye make-up you used …

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