Candid Essential’s Microdermabrasion Cream Review

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Candid Essential’s microdermabrasion cream gets most praise from those past the age of 50. You’ll learn why later on in this review.

Microdermabrasion paste gained popularity quite recently. Nevertheless, people are adapting to them quite quickly thanks to their ease of use.

The cream has picked up a lot of attention. I decided to give it a go and see how it fairs with other popular creams. Read on to learn whether Candid Essential’s scrub can be placed in the same group with the popular microdermabrasion creams out there!

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Our Positive Reviews


One of the major benefits is its ability to regenerate the skin. The reason why many older people like it is because it is one of the most effective microdermabrasion creams for smoothing out wrinkles and removing scars. While most creams are capable of doing this, Candid Essential’s tends to work on it faster and leave less evidence in the end.

The scrub works fantastically for your face, hands, and neck. While you can use it on your whole body, these are the portions of your body that people tend to see the most. They also happen to be where most wrinkles form as we age. (At least the most obvious ones)

It’s quite strong, but its strength allows it to exfoliate your skin that much better. I wouldn’t recommend using it if you have a skin condition, even if you just have dry skin. If you want to use it but don’t have reasonably healthy skin, consult your doctor so that they can give you the right level of treatment using it.

No other cream I’ve tried comes even close to this one when it comes to scars and wrinkles. After just a few weeks, you wouldn’t even know an acne scar used to be there. Wrinkles won’t all completely disappear, but it makes them far less obvious, in comparison to others.

Unfortunately, the skin regeneration(1) features come with a price. One tub costs $34.95, which is nearly twice the average cost of microdermabrasion creams. However, it is still a small price to pay for relieving yourself of those aging wrinkles!

It also tends to work faster than most others. While other products you may have to wait a couple of months to see results, this one shows them in just a few weeks.

Check out my review on microdermabrasion pastes to learn more!

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My Conclusion

If you have scars or wrinkles that you want gone, then the extra cost to your pockets are well worth it. While I wouldn’t rank it as the very best microdermabrasion cream out there, it is one of the popular microdermabrasion creams to date.

The product focuses on the older generation, which is quite a large market indeed, while still getting the attention of the younger generation thanks to acne scarring. In short, their marketing strategy is quite genius.

If you have scars or wrinkles to get rid of, buy Candid Essential’s microdermabrasion cream today!