Learn the 3 Best Methods for Facial Whitening or Risk an Unbalanced Complexion!

Natural Face Mask

Shortcuts cost you more than they save. There are hundreds of synthetic methods for the whitening of the facial skin. Yes, these methods work fast and effectively. However, they don’t last forever. All synthetic whitening methods eventually cause irreversible damage to your skin complexion, leaving you with an unbalanced face. Some of these methods are … Read more

Camomile DIY Acne Treatment Mask + 3 Recipes – a Guide to Vitamins

Here’s how to use chamomile to fight acne. Since ancient times, the chamomile has been known for its medical properties, in fact, Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, used for the treatment of acne, skin inflammations and rashes. Essential oil of camomile content has powerful anti-inflammatory attributes, which help to prevent the appearance of acne streaks and reduce … Read more