7 Tips to Choose the Right Lipstick Colour You Should Wear for Your Skin Tone

Woman applying pink lipstick on her lips

Lipstick is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about makeup. Adding color to your lips can make a big difference to the appearance of your face, but a poorly chosen shade can easily destroy your entire image. That’s why it’s important to choose a color that’s right for you.

At Diva Bikini we love to help our readers in the task of looking more beautiful every day, for this reason we want to share with you these 7 tips that will help you choose the perfect lipstick shade for you.

1. Determine your skin tone

  • The first step in choosing the right lipstick color is to determine what skin tone is yours. There are 4 main types: light, medium, tanned and dark.
  • The shades of lipstick that generally look great on a woman with regular or light skin are light pink, coral, peach, nude and brick red. One way to get a whiter skin tone is using microdermabrasion machines, it is a simple and effect DIY method. 
  • The colors pink, nude, cherry red and mauve look beautiful on girls with a medium skin tone.
  • Girls with tanned skin can quietly use coral tones, intense pink, bright red and most other colors except browns and purples.
  • The lipstick shades that best suit dark skin are brown and purple colors such as plum, caramel, and red wine. 

2. Determine your skin nuance

Knowing the nuance of your skin will definitely be a great help to guide you when it comes to makeup. Basically, there are 3 types: cold, warm and neutral.

  • Cold shades: light or soft skin – soft matte or nude; medium skin – pink or blueberry tones; tanned or dark skin – ruby or wine-colored tones.
  • Warm skin tones: regular or light skin – pale pink or knotted; medium skin tone, tanned or dark – copper or bronze tones.
  • Neutral: A wide palette of colours, all shades cold and warm.

3. The shape of your lips

  • Thick upper lips: shiny pencil on the lower lip and a slightly darker shade but the same color on the upper lip.
  • Thick lower lips: any color that suits your shade and a little nude right in the center of the upper lip.
  • Asymmetrical lips: You should use a shade similar to that of the pencil with which you are going to outline your lips.

4. Lip size or thickness

  • Thin lips: avoid using dark and bright colors, they will only make your lips look much thinner. Try using creamy or shiny lipsticks.
  • Stuffed lips: You should avoid overly strong or shiny tones, and overly striking textures.

woman checking herself out on the mirror

5. Hair color

  • Dark hair, regular and light skin: bright pink, scarlet, cherry or plum.
  • Blond hair, regular and light skin: pale pink, scarlet, purple, light pink.
  • Dark hair, tan and dark skin: golden beige, ochre, terracotta and bronze.
  • Blond hair, tanning and dark skin: caramel, ochre, hot roses and salmon.
  • Brown hair, medium skin tone: beige, salmon, corals, deep roses and brick colours.
  • Red hair, light skin: salmon, corals, terracotta and toasted sienna.

6. Eye Color

  • Brown eyes: bright red, brown and light pink.
  • Blue eyes: different shades of cherry or scarlet color.
  • Green eyes: terracotta, roses.
  • Grey eyes: nude and plum tones.

7. Teeth Color

  • White teeth: Congratulations! You can choose any color you want.
  • Yellow teeth: pink, slightly orange, light red. Preferably avoid purple, brown, or scarlet tones.

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