Era Organics’ Microdermabrasion Scrub Review

Era Organics microderm abrasion cream product image

Have you ever heard of a microdermabrasion cream that primarily uses honey? Era Organics’ microdermabrasion cream is one of the more unique microdermabrasion pastes out there. The famed Manuka Honey from New Zealand happens to be their primary ingredient.

Unfortunately, uniqueness isn’t enough to make it the best microdermabrasion cream out there. In this review, I’ll give you the details about Era Organics’ cream and we’ll see where it ranks against other highly rated microdermabration creams.

Read on to learn whether this product ranks as one of the best microdermabrasion creams or not!

Key Ingredients

Era Organics’ microdermabration cream has six main ingredients:

  1. Manuka Honey – The vitamins and minerals(1) within the honey improve cell recovery and helps your skin look young again. It also works as an antibacterial against fungus and germs.
  2. Aloe Vera – Contains vitamins A, C, B, and E, as well as tons of healthy minerals.
  3. Rapeseed Oil – You probably know of this oil as Canola oil. It contains ten times more Omega 3 than Olive Oil, making it far more beneficial for your skin. Omega 3 smoothens your skin, leaving little to no marks behind it.
  4. Walnut Shell – Walnut shells help to exfoliate your skin. They are great for removing dead skin cells and other undesirable particles.
  5. Orange Oil – Orange Oil has a double use. It improves the fragrance of the paste as well as benefiting your skin with vitamin C. The resulting benefits from this oil include killing fungi and germs, removing acne and making your skin appear younger.
  6. Cehami Extract – This Australian plant holds more power than aspirin. It works against inflammation and helps the cells regenerate faster. It also works as an analgesic, relieving any pain you’re experiencing on your outer body. The plant works wonders on its own. How much more can it do when combined with these other ingredients?Era Organics’ Face Scrub and Face Mask Product Image

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Benefits of Era Organics’ Microdermabrasion Cream

The main benefit that Era Organics’ offers you with their paste is an extra healthy, natural blend of ingredients. As you can see above, the unique ingredients used in the microdermabration cream provide your skin with many benefits and no risk.

The primary benefits brought about by this blend of nature are:

  • Clean, healthy pores.
  • The removal of unwanted, dead skin cells.
  • Hydrated skin.
  • Smoothened or erased wrinkles.
  • Corrected skin where scar damage used to be.
  • Gentle exfoliation of the skin.

Other benefits may occur depending on the condition of your skin. If you have sensitive skin, I would recommend using this blend of microdermabration cream. However, remember to consult your doctor first so that a professional has confirmed the safety of use.

Testing of Era Organics’ Face Scrub and Face Mask on Hand

Advantages of Era Organic’s Microdermabrasion Cream over Others

Obviously, Era Organics’ microdermabrasion cream has the advantage of its ingredients. The natural combination within provides you with a large assortment of benefits while reducing the risk of it casing you any trouble.

The best microdermabrasion creams are 100% natural, but even so, the ingredients within Era Organics’ cream are hugely beneficial to your health. The Manuka Honey and Cehami Extract already have enough benefits between them to make the entire blend worthwhile!

On top of all that, it isn’t even expensive. When I first saw that it contained Manuka Honey, which is incredibly popular, I assumed it would cost up to $40 or more even. However, it only costs $17.87!

Overall, I’m quite impressed with it. Check out my review on microdermabrasion paste for more information!

Core Benefits of Era Organics’ Face Scrub and Face Mask

My Overall Conclusion

The naturally healthy ingredients in this product make it well worth a go, in my opinion. While I didn’t regard it as the best microdermabrasion cream out there, it’s definitely one of my favorites!

The main reason the cream ranked a bit lower than the others is that the results were a bit slower to emerge than most. However, once they do you’ll find it to be well worth the wait!

The low cost and numerous benefits piled together with the gentleness of the blend are very impressive. I would highly recommend giving it a go right now!

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