How and Why Proper Facial Care Is Important?

Woman getting cucumber mask applied on her face to brighten up her skin complexion

The face is one of the first things that people notice about us. Most of the time, the age-old saying is true; that “first impressions last.” A lot of things in life could be affected by how we make an impression.

According to a study conducted by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in Austin, Texas, first impressions are hard to get rid of. First impressions tend to last even after a person has gotten to know someone.

In addition to that, people who meet for the first time also lodge their impressions on a person’s physical appearance. About 65% of people can usually guess information about someone through their features alone. They use personality, sexual orientation, and intelligence.

That being said, to make a great first impression for a job or a date, one must put their best foot forward.

woman rubbing face

Why Take Facial Care Seriously:

It is very important for a person to take care of his face. Your face conveys emotion and is usually one of the things we unconsciously use for non-verbal communication with people.

When we are stressed, tense, or feeling sick, the face says it all.

You might be familiar with the proverb that says, “The face is the index of mind.” That basically means the person’s emotion cannot be entirely hidden. It always makes its way through our facial expressions.

A Good Facial Care Regimen Prevents Premature Skin Aging

Taking good care of your skin can only result in positive outcomes. One of the reasons why facial care is important is because it prevents any extreme skin conditions. These conditions can be brought on by many factors. These include the harsh environment and the effects of a poor diet.

Skincare promotes skin cell regeneration. It does so by activating the skin to work faster in cell turnover. It is also one of the many things you could do to get rid of oil, dirt, grime, dust, and toxins. Doing so prevents skin blemishes.

How To Take Care Of Your Face:

  1. Wash Your Face Regularly

Washing your face before and after sleep could reduce the risks of developing different skin conditions that might be unsightly. When we wash our face, even without special products like facial foams and facial wash, we rid our skin of harmful toxins, dust, dirt, oils, grime, and others things that cause skin irritation, blemishes, and such.

Although it is better to use some sort of facial product when washing your face, it is not really necessary unless you have skin breakouts and blemishes that you need to address.

On the other hand, people with sensitive skin should consult their dermatologist before trying out any skin care product. In the meantime, a gentle soap and water should be fine.

  1. Use Sunscreen & Lotions With SPF

Since the face is one of the parts that are left uncovered when exposed to the sun, it is necessary to apply lotions or creams with SPF in order to protect it from the harmful rays.

The sun contains ultraviolet A, B and C rays, all of which are harmful to the skin. Although UVC rays(1) do not pose much of a threat since it is dissipated when it hits the atmosphere, we are still very much at risk of the negative effects brought on by UVA and UVB rays.

Basically, UVB rays affect the first or outer layer of the skin while UVB rays affect the deeper layers. Overexposure to the sun could cause our skin to produce melanin, which causes darkness and discoloration.

However, for people who are light-skinned, melanin is limited, which means their protection from the harmful rays of the sun is limited as well.

  1. Get A Facial Every Now And Then

Getting a facial treatment could be beneficial for your skin. Facial treatments include consultation with a trained esthetician, who could tell you what’s wrong with your skin and what treatments will work best for your skin type. Facials also include steaming, extractions, exfoliation and a facial massage.

Steam your face weekly once so that all the impurities can be removed. Aside from facials, there are other therapies in beauty salons that are designed mainly for face care. These facial care treatments could make your face look brighter and even give you a healthy glow.

Facial care should be one of the things you should be paying attention to, especially if you deal with different people every day. Remember: people respond to you better when you look good.