How To Avoid Hair Problems Such As Balding, Hair Loss or Thinning

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A lot of things could go wrong with our hair if we don’t take care of it properly. Usually, the best way to take good care of your hair is to attend to the hair problems at the initial stage itself. It is very difficult to rectify the problems once they get on to the advanced stages. In this case, the age-old saying “prevention is better than cure” is indeed very true.

Everyone loves healthy hair. Everyone loves beautiful skin. Often we don’t know how to take care of it. Bad health habits like alcohol and smoking could adversely affect our hair’s condition. Harsh environmental conditions have a negative impact on our hair as well. So, what can we do to avoid hair problems? The following tips might come in handy.

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  1. Sleep On Silk Or Satin

Cotton is the popular choice of fabric when it comes to our pillowcases and bed sheets. However, there are a lot more benefits when you use silk or satin sheets.

Aside from the soft, luxurious feeling you get with a satin or silk pillowcase, it does not eliminate your hair moisture. This would mean your hair will be softer when you wake up. On top of that, silk or satin is very smooth.  This reduces the chances of your hair getting tangled together as you sleep. Remember: less tangle, less split ends!

In addition to hair benefits, silk and satin are also good for your skin because it doesn’t cause any sleep marks or redness. Even when you sleep on one side for the entire night, you won’t have any trouble.

  1. Eat healthy

You’ve heard it all before and we are emphasizing it again: eating healthy could do wonders for your hair! Eating healthy, organic and unprocessed food makes hair stronger and healthier.

Much like muscles in our body, hair also needs certain vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy, strong and vibrant condition. Mostly, these much-needed vitamins and minerals could only be found in vegetables and fruits.

That being said, a healthy, balanced diet is an excellent way to improve your hair’s condition.

  1. Protect Your Hair

We can also look for ways to protect our “crowning glory” by wearing hats and bringing umbrellas in extreme weather. Hair specialists also recommend wrapping hair in velvet or silk scarves of cloth while sleeping, to avoid tangled hair, breakage and split ends.

It’s also advisable to consult a hair specialist every now and then. Do not use cheap products or unknown brands for your hair maintenance as the materials, especially if the product label doesn’t reveal what’s in the ingredients.

Instead, take oil massage or ordinary massage for hair at least once a week to keep your hair healthy and to make sure that it gets the required nutrients that it needs. You can also use virgin coconut oil or argan oil to nourish hair. Avoid split ends by trimming your hair tips regularly. This also encourages faster hair growth.

  1. Use Conditioner On The Tips

Most of us apply conditioner from the roots of our hair down to the tips. However, hair specialists suggest that conditioners should be concentrated at the ends unless you have really dry scalp. This is because our scalp naturally produces its own oils, so applying conditioners (which contains oils) would only make your hair appear greasy.
So, if possible, only use conditioners if actually necessary and apply on the bottom ¾ of your hair, where moisture is usually gone and the dryness usually results to split ends.

  1. Avoid Heat Styling

Yes, hair that has been blown dry or flat ironed looks great but to be honest, it could cause further damage. Heat styling using blow dryers, curlers, flat irons, etc. strips the hair off its natural moisture, making it duller and dry especially if you heat style your hair regularly. On the other hand, if it is absolutely necessary to heat style your hair, at least use a spray-in heat protectant.

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  1. Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure

If too much sun could cause blemishes, sun burns and other skin conditions, the same goes with hair. Excessive exposure to sun could cause split ends, dryness and even discoloration. If you’re going to the beach and being under the sun is inevitable, use a heat protectant hair product with SPF. Read this cream review.

If you take well enough care of your hair, it will definitely reward you in the end (by making you look like a hair shampoo commercial model). Just always remember that the hair has needs and those needs should always be met. It will all be worth it!