Revealing MediDerm Microdermabrasion Polish To Rejuvenate Skin

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Making MediDerm microdermabrasion polish and exfoliating cream a part of your regular skincare treatment will remove unwanted debris and elements. As human skin naturally regenerates every 30 days, the microdermabrasion process enhances this even more. 

In this MediDerm microdermabrasion polish review, you will learn how to unleash your radiance by removing unnecessary impurities, effectively leaving behind an amazingly clean, radiant, and brighter glow. With its gentle formulation, you can experience the benefits of its smooth, coated beads and get rid of skin irritants without being too harsh for your health.

What is the MediDerm Microdermabrasion Polish and Exfoliating Cream?

The MediDerm Microdermabrasion Polish and Exfoliating Cream is a beneficial exfoliation product that utilizes the easy skincare process to reveal your beautiful and younger-looking aura by effectively scrubbing and exfoliating dead skin cells.

This product unveils a fresh, youthful complexion by eliminating dry, damaged, and lifeless skin on the surface. It is meticulously crafted from specially coated, smooth beads that glide effortlessly over your skin without causing any harm or irritation.

The MediDerm microdermabrasion polish comes from a skincare brand known to be cosmetic-oriented. They specialize in giving their customers the most amazing health benefits with their sophisticated products at affordable prices.

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Their offerings are devoid of parabens and cruelty, enriched with 100 percent natural constituents, and devoid of synthetic chemicals to prioritize your skin’s health and well-being.

Beyond this, they boast an extensive spectrum of anti-aging solutions, moisturizers, formulations targeting acne blemishes, hair care, and an array of body products encompassing lotions, shampoos, and conditioners. Moreover, they present an aromatherapy line comprising essential oils, bath salts, and a plethora of offerings.

Key Features of MediDerm Microdermabrasion Polish

  • Advanced Bead Technology

MediDerm utilizes a proprietary blend of smooth, round, and coated beads, ensuring a gentle and effective exfoliation process. These beads effortlessly remove impurities and dead skin cells without causing any minute injuries or irritation to your skin.

  • Comprehensive Skin Treatment

This product offers an all-in-one facial treatment by addressing a range of skin issues on the surface, including blackheads, acne blemishes, fine wrinkles, and dullness. It aids in revealing a clearer and smoother complexion.

  • Radiance Revealed

The Microdermabrasion Polish effectively removes skin impurities, leaving your skin remarkably clean and radiant. It encourages a natural radiance to shine through by eliminating layers of dead skin.

Benefits of MediDerm Microdermabrasion Polish

  • Youthful Complexion

By exfoliating dead skin cells and promoting skin regeneration, this product contributes to a smoother and younger-looking complexion. It enhances the overall texture and appearance of your skin.

  • Gentle Yet Effective

The gentle formulation of smooth, coated beads ensures that the product efficiently eliminates skin irritants without causing excessive harshness. It is suitable for various skin types and is ideal for regular use.

  • Anti-Aging Properties

In addition to its exfoliating properties, the microdermabrasion polish combats visible signs of skin aging. It helps diminish age spots, discolorations, acne blemishes, and even fine wrinkles, offering a more youthful and even skin tone.

How Do You Use This Polish?

The MediDerm Microdermabrasion Polish and Exfoliating Cream comes in a bottle of 1.7 ounces or 50mL of the exfoliating cream. Here is how you use this product:

  1. Apply an adequate amount of the polish and cream on your clean and dry face or your neck using your fingertips. 

  2. Cover your face with the MediDerm microdermabrasion polish and leave it to be partially dry (about 5 minutes) before gently scrubbing the polish in circular strokes for another 30 to 60 seconds.

  3. Avoid getting the polish into your eyes, and rinse the polish off with water.

  4. Subsequently, employ a clean cloth to pat your skin dry and apply moisturizer to soothe your exfoliated skin.

Feel free to combine this with your preferred skincare products and witness the transformation each day you utilize them in conjunction with this cream.

How Often Should the MediDerm Microdermabrasion Polish Be Used?

Like all other microdermabrasion paste and cream, you should use the microdermabrasion polish by MediDerm 2 to 3 times a week.

However, individuals with drier skin should exercise prudence to avert over-exfoliation or pruritus stemming from severe dryness.

It is of paramount importance to moisturize post-use to pacify your skin. Consult your dermatologist if you’re new to such treatment or have sensitive skin[1] to get a further diagnosis if you’re suitable to use this polish.

Our Personal Review on MediDerm Microdermabrasion Polish


  • No synthetic chemicals and paraben-free to ensure the health and well-being of your skin.

  • Uses a proprietary blend of smooth, coated, round beads to ensure a gentle and effective exfoliation process

  • Helps you get a smooth and younger-looking complexion, leaving the surfaces radiant and luminous

  • Incorporates anti-aging properties to eradicate age spots, acne blemishes, discoloration, and wrinkles


  • The sodium lauryl sulfate in the microdermabrasion treatment product may dry out the skin


mediderm microdermabrasion polish

Where Can You Buy the Microdermabrasion Polish and Exfoliating Cream by MediDerm?

The microdermabrasion polish and exfoliating cream by MediDerm are available for purchase on Amazon. You can read additional customer testimonials before making a purchase and receive updates on stock availability since this product experiences intermittent high demand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does MediDerm microdermabrasion polish work for hyperpigmentation and dark/age spots?

No, unlike other microdermabrasion creams, MediDerm microdermabrasion polish does not work for hyperpigmentation and dark/age spots. 

Can I use MediDerm microdermabrasion polish with my cleaning machine?

No, it is not advisable to use MediDerm microdermabrasion polish with your cleaning machine as the polish by itself may already be quite an intense exfoliator for some users. 

Is MediDerm microdermabrasion polish good for sensitive skin?

Yes, MediDerm microdermabrasion polish is good for sensitive skin as it does not irritate the skin while using it. 

Does MediDerm microdermabrasion polish include fragrance?

No, MediDerm microdermabrasion polish does not include fragrance in its ingredients. 

How soon can I expect to see results with MediDerm Microdermabrasion Polish?

Results may vary, but some users notice improvements after a few uses.


For those in pursuit of microdermabrasion products, you must be aware that in order to produce healthy glowing skin, the treatment of physical exfoliation on the top layer of the skin is imperative to stimulate the turnover of cells.

If you frequently visit dermatological clinics for treatments, you may have loved how it removes dead skin cells to unleash a softer surface with no fine lines and acne. However, for most people, these clinical treatments can be costly. 

At-home procedures make use of products like MediDerm that replicate the outcomes you get from clinics. Kits, scrubs, and creams are available in the market these days, performing their functions well for your skin’s health.

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MediDerm’s Microdermabrasion Polish and Exfoliating Cream