NeedCrystals’ Microdermabrasion Crystals Scrub Review

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Did you know you could use crystals to improve the health of your skin? NeedCrystals’ uses a special aluminum oxide crystal(1) for the microdermabrasion process. These microdermabrasion crystals can be mixed with a microdermabrasion paste or gel to improve the effect it has on your skin.

They’re pure white. They originally come from France and Brazil.

You can actually use them in microdermabration machines as well. However, today I’m reviewing their use as a microdermabration cream. By the end of the review, we should be able to answer whether NeedCrystals’ microdermabration paste and crystal blend makes the best microdermabration paste on the market.

Let’s get right into then, shall we?

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Creating a Microdermabrasion Cream from the Crystals

There are three primary steps when applying microdermabrasion crystals to make a microdermabration paste that benefits your skin:

  1. Cleanse – Before you even start, you need to clean up the skin that you plan to apply the paste on. Wash with gel and rinse with warm water to get rid of loose dirt and grime. This way, the exfoliation process will be more effective.
  2. Mix the crystals with the microdermabration cream at a 1:10 ratio. You can make as much as you like and reuse it in the future. Just remember to include ten parts of microdermabrasion cream for every part of crystals. Gently massage the mixture into your skin for around two or three minutes. Rinse the with warm water.
  3. Once it has all been rinsed off, gently pat your skin dry. Rubbing the skin may cause irritation or a rash. Complete the process by applying a natural moisturizer, such as aloe vera, to keep it hydrated.Woman Testing NeedCrystals’ DIY Face Scrub

Benefits of NeedCrystals’ Microdermabrasion Cream and Crystal Blend

NeedCrystals’ crystals don’t work on their own, of course. However, the crystals are fantastic for picking up and carrying away dead skin cells. They will take the outermost layer of your skin away, leaving you with the newer, better-looking skin.

A major benefit that crystals give you is that they also take the top layer of skin that holds acne and blackheads in place. Anything clogging up your pores will be held together by a protective layer of skin that grows over it. It grows to prevent infection, but removing it with crystals makes it very easy to relieve yourself of whatever was inside the pore.

It also helps to smoothen out your skin and remove scarring. Although the use of crystals sounds a bit scary, it is actually one of the gentlest methods of exfoliation. They take nothing but the dead or loose skin cells.

Advantages of NeedCrystals’ Microdermabrasion Cream and Crystal Blend Against Typical Creams

Well, this is an easy one. The crystals are the advantage! NeedCrystals’ didn’t invent a microdermabrasion paste of their own, but instead realized that adding these crystals to an existing paste would benefit it.

It still does whatever it would usually do while the added crystals add the extra effect of removing loose skin cells to aid in the removal of acne, blackheads, and so on. Take a look at my review on microdermabration pastes for more information.

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My Conclusion

NeedCrystals have developed a means to take any cream and make it the best microdermabrasion cream on the market. These crystals are selling faster and with higher reviews than any other out there.

Technically speaking, you will have to spend more if you want to use it, as you’ll have to buy the crystals and another cream to go with it. However, the difference in the effects is so huge that it is well worth the extra cost!

The crystals more than triple the effects of other methods. So, as far as I’m concerned, NeedCrystals has discovered the best microdermabrasion cream out there!

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