What is your skin type?

We all have a very specific type of skin that is quite difficult to define because it changes over time according to age and hormones. Not only that but also external elements such as climate, temperature, heating, pollution, lifestyle, etc. To choose a cosmetic with very specific active ingredients, we still need to define the … Read more

Camomile DIY Acne Treatment Mask + 3 Recipes – a Guide to Vitamins

Here’s how to use chamomile to fight acne. Since ancient times, the chamomile has been known for its medical properties, in fact, Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, used for the treatment of acne, skin inflammations and rashes. Essential oil of camomile content has powerful anti-inflammatory attributes, which help to prevent the appearance of acne streaks and reduce … Read more

Quick Ways To Skin Whitening

There are different ways to lighten skin. Sometimes skin whitening is a must – especially for dark spots that might otherwise seem unsightly, such as dark underarms, elbows, inner thighs and other areas of the body. There must be millions of skin whitening techniques out there, using either natural or synthetic products. If you are … Read more