PMD Personal Microderm Classic: A Review On An Oustanding Product

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If you’re experiencing mild hyperpigmentation, sun-induced skin damage, or enlarged pores, it’s good to be aware that there’s an effective solution for these skin concerns‚ÄĒmicrodermabrasion. It’s a non-intrusive treatment that swiftly improves skin texture and health. Moreover, microdermabrasion offers the flexibility of either in-office sessions or at-home treatments.

With a highly useful tool such as the PMD Personal Microderm Classic at-home microdermabrasion machine, this painless and abrasive process exfoliates the dead skin cell barrier found on the top layer of your skin to stimulate cell growth and reveal a smoother skin texture on your face (or even the areas around it). See how you can improve your skin in just three minutes from your home with such an easy-to-use and portable device!

What is the PMD Personal Microderm Classic Microdermabrasion Machine?

The PMD personal microdermabrasion machine is a device that helps you unleash the most radiant and vibrant complexion with treatments that you can do for yourself.

Especially if you are working in an industry that requires you always to look good inside and out, this product activates your skin’s natural healing process for fresher skin that is more supple. You will be able to see visible results in less than two months.¬†

Microdermabrasion may either happen in clinics, in products applied over the skin, or in machines. And the treatment is gradually becoming more popular.

pmd personal microderm

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This PMD beauty product offers benefits similar to what you will get at the clinic but is something effortless that you can do at a more affordable price. 

With this microdermabrasion device, you will achieve glowing, youthful skin. Using the personal microderm will increase skin hydration, shrink enlarged pore size, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone, and lighten the appearance of spots and acne scars.

Key Features of the PMD Personal Microderm Classic

With a two-year warranty feature, the PMD Personal Microderm has a patented spinning disc technology that is embedded with aluminum oxide crystals[1] used to remove the outer layers of dull, dead skin cells.

The perfectly calibrated vacuum suction increases and promotes blood flow, which will then boost collagen and produce elastin, leaving skin firm and radiant. After using the product, they penetrate up to 20 times deeper, maximizing the benefits. 

Each package contains the device, a 110V adapter, a rubber O-ring seal, two treatment caps (for facial and body treatment areas), seven exfoliation discs (for different intensity levels), a reusable filter, an instructional guide, and a training DVD to guide you along the way when you’re using this for the first time.

To break down into detail the intensity of each exfoliation disc in terms of color, you may refer to the levels below:

  • 1 White training disc ‚Äď for ultra-sensitive skin¬†

  • 2 Grey disc ‚Äď for very sensitive skin

  • 2 Blue disc ‚Äď for sensitive skin

  • 2 Green disc ‚Äď for moderate-typed skin

It is essential to take note that those who are still undergoing chemical peel treatments or are using skincare products that contain lactic acid, malic acid, hydroxy acids, or Retin A ingredients, should not be using this product concurrently.

Additionally, there should be a seven-day gap in between before you start using the PMD device if you’ve previously used any of the above treatment/skincare products containing those ingredients.

How Do You Use This Machine?

You can use the PMD personal microdermabrasion machine by following the steps below:

Woman gliding the PMD tool across her face

  1. Cleanse and dry your skin evenly in all portions. Don’t forget the T-zone where you find the area between your nose and cheeks,¬†the area around the mouth, forehead, and eyelids.¬†

  1. With the white disc, try out the intensity by using the machine on your arm or leg before rolling it over on the face. 

  1. Pull the skin tight and let the device glide over the surface in an upward motion smoothly. Do not hover the device over your skin in one area for too long.

  2. After the treatment, remember to apply some moisturizer and toner to soothe and restore your skin’s pH balance.

The vacuum suction provides an increase in blood flow and boosts collagen and elastin on your skin ‚Äď leaving your skin firm and supple.

The exfoliating disc spins to remove the impurities from the surface ‚Äď thus, leaving your pores unclogged. As you use the microdermabrasion device, it absorbs and penetrates deep to remove the top layer of dead, dull skin cells.

You can also alternate by using the PMD personal microderm pro device on your face or body according to your preference. However, it is crucial to take note of the effect it has on your skin, depending on your skin type and recovery time. 

How Often Should the Personal Microderm Pro Machine by PMD Be Used? 

You can use the personal microderm pro machine by PMD once every six to seven days. Using it weekly will diminish your wrinkles, enlarged pores, and blemishes. You must make sure that you clean and maintain the product well. Rinse the cap and filter after every use with soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and do not over-exfoliate a specific area alone for too long.

Our Personal Review on PMD Personal Microderm Classic


  • Your microdermabrasion machine has advanced features for realizing the health benefits.

  • It is a three-minute treatment with all you need in one package, including instructional content.

  • It can be customized depending on whether you have it for your face or body.


  • It will require you to invest money since it is less affordable compared with other items.

  • When it comes to your blackheads and acne, the PMD may function only on average, unlike the treatment it provides for other skin conditions.


Where Can You Buy the PMD Personal Microderm Pro Machine?

You can buy the PMD personal microderm pro machine on Amazon. However, it may not ship to specific destinations in the world. So do check it out if your country is on the list they provide shipment. Buy it along with other related products for health and wellness. You can also have this as a gift for friends, colleagues, loved ones, and relatives. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the PMD personal microderm machine help to get rid of the smile, neck, and forehead wrinkles?

Yes, the PMD personal microderm machine¬†helps to get rid of smile, neck, and forehead wrinkles. Its vacuum feature with the treatment stimulates the production of collagen and elastin‚ÄĒthese function to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.¬†

Can you use the PMD personal microderm machine on stretch marks?

Yes, you can use the PMD personal microderm machine on stretch marks, but they have limitations on deep stretch marks. So do take note if you’re keen to get this machine only to tackle the stretch marks on your skin ‚Äď you may not get desirable results if you’re using them on deep stretch marks.

Does the PMD personal microderm machine have suction, or does it just rotate?

Yes, the PMD personal microderm machine has a calibrated vacuum suction to remove dead skin cell layers.

Does the PMD personal microderm machine work for mature skin?

Yes, the PMD personal microderm machine works for mature skin as well. Aging increases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and these are what the product treats. 

Can men use the PMD personal microderm machine too?

Yes, men can use the PMD personal microderm machine too. It is excellent for both men and women, young and old users. Men will have thicker skin, so make sure to use the proper disc in the device to get faster results. 

Customizing the caps for pmd tool


Even though there might be a learning curve when using the PMD personal microderm classic, it is relatively very easy to navigate. Once you get used to it, you will experience the maximized benefits of this microdermabrasion device just as you would in in-office microdermabrasion treatments.

If you’re still considering this device, it’s better to talk to your dermatologist before purchasing and using it, especially if you’re suffering from sensitive skin and other skin conditions. While the PMD personal microderm is slightly more costly than the products on our best microdermabrasion machine review page, the product is still worth buying considering the long-term benefits it can give you!

Pmd Personal Microderm

PMD Personal Microdermabrasion Machine