Common Make Up Mistakes: Caked On Make Up? White Cast? You Are Not Alone

make up tips with eye shadow and brushes and lady model

Have you ever looked at old photos and found that you’ve committed LOTS of make-up faux pas before? Have you ever cringed at just how much eye make-up you used to wear? There are many problems that one could encounter while applying makeup. And there are lots of mistakes one could commit, especially if you’re a novice at it.

Some of the most common mistakes and problems you could encounter when applying make-up:

  1. Applying The Wrong Shade of Foundation

This is a make-up mistake that everybody has probably committed. A lot of people test out foundation on their hand or wrists to make sure that their skin matches the shade of the foundation. But this is a mistake.

A lot of times than not, the color of the hands or wrists do not even match the face. That’s why if you’re shopping for foundation, it’s better to test it by dotting a small amount on your jawline to see if it matches your skin tone.

  1. Cakey Foundation

Wrong shade of foundation isn’t your only problem. Sometimes you can pile on way too much of it on your face that it makes your face look like a cake with creases and cracks and what nots. This can be reversed by applying moisturizer in a circular motion. You can either use a kabuki brush or just your fingertips.

  1. Applying Make-Up on Dry Skin

One of the things that make foundation appear cakey or some make up products to streak and disappear quickly is due to dry skin. Applying make-up on dry skin is a definite faux pas to make-up artists. To avoid dry skin, exfoliate regularly and apply moisturizer before doing your make-up.

  1. Too Much Blush

People who like wearing blush on their cheeks may have encountered this problem once or twice. Applying blush could make you look great and fresh but sometimes applying too much could make you look like a rejected doll at the toy store. So practice moderation in applying blush, especially if you’re using make-up that’s hyper pigmented.

  1. Putting On Too Much Eyebrow Pencil Make-Up

Lots of people these days are jumping on the thick eyebrow bandwagon and while this trend may look amazing on anyone because it highlights the eyes and frames the face, it’s easy to fall into a trap where you apply just TOO MUCH eyebrow make-up.

There’s a difference between beautiful, bold, bushy eyebrows and eyebrows that look like they’ve been plastered on your face or drawn on by a bad artist with a freshly-sharpened pencil.

To avoid this, brush your eyebrow hairs up before applying anything. Then, follow the direction of the eyebrow hairs. Also, avoid drawing straight lines on your eyebrows (especially on the area near the nose line). Your eyebrows should look bold BUT natural.

long eyelashes

  1. Applying Make-Up With Shaky Hands

This problem may occur to anyone might it be for young people or older ones. You should probably not apply make-up if your hands are applying make-up, especially liquid eyeliner cause this could cause smudges. Next major problem will be the eyesight. It will be difficult for a person who is having eye sight problem to do good makeup. Even after wearing glasses some people will not be able to apply make-up with accuracy. In this case, it’s better to ask someone else to do your make-up.

  1. Sensitive And Allergic Skin

One of the most unfortunate things for a woman who loves make-up is if she has a sensitive skin or is allergic to cosmetic products. Allergy problems may arise in certain cases. This problem may be due to the low quality materials that are used while makeup or could also be a birth problem. It is something that has to be handled with caution as it may lead to permanent marks on the area in which it is used.

A solution for these problems will be wearing permanent makeup in order to avoid trouble often.

  1. Using Lipstick On Dry And Cracked Lips

Using lipstick on dry or cracked lips actually worsens the dryness and makes your lipstick look bad. Before applying lipstick, dab on some lip balm to add moisture, especially if you’re using matte lipstick.

  1. Too Much Mascara

Too much mascara could cause your eyelashes to stick together, which would make it look like a clump on your eye lids. It could also cause your mascara to smudge on around the circles of your eyes, giving you what make-up artists call a “raccoon eye.”

Make-up can be fun and could help improve your physical appearance if done correctly. Just take note of the above mentioned mistakes and make a vow not to commit them and you’re good. For more information about beautifying the face you deserve, please check out microdermabrasion at home or best microdermabrasion scrubs.