Causes and Reasons Behind Your Damaged, Brittle and Dry Hair

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Our hair is a vital part of our appearance. It’s not called our “crowning glory” for nothing. When our hair is well taken care of, it looks great. Inversely, hair that’s not well-nourished and taken for granted could become dry, brittle, oily and/or dull.

There’ a correct way and a bad way to take care of your hair. Some hair care methods and products may appear to be good for your hair but in truth, they aren’t. These bad hair care practices could lead to a variety of problems that may even hamper the growth of your hair. The following are some of the bad habits you might have been doing that causes your hair to become dry:

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Using Synthetic, Cheap Products

Most of the products we see in drug stores and supermarkets are synthetically-produced. Synthetic products are often very cheap, due to the fact that these products were not really formulated to be gentle to hair and scalp.

Synthetic products tend to contain too much chemicals and may cause undesirable side effects such as chaffing in the scalp and dryness.

Sometimes, these products also contain steroids, which could possibly hurt your hair follicles and strip them of their natural oils.

That being said, you have to practice balance when it comes choosing products based on their formulation and market price.

Remember that not all cheap products are bad for you but that doesn’t mean expensive hair products could assure you with incredible results as well.

Be Careful Of Fake Products

If you’re willing to invest on expensive hair care products, then you should always buy them in trusted stores. Fake hair products have quite been rampant in drug stores over the past few years.

Even some salons tend to use fake products that guise itself as expensive hair product brands.

That being said, you should always be observant with the kind of products your salon uses. Also, do not trust hair products that are sold online. Most of these products are fake, especially if they are sold at a cheaper price.

Frequently Going Swimming

Your frequent swimming habits might be destroying your hair without you knowing it. The chlorinated water in swimming pools could be very drying and could cause you hair to be brittle. Once chlorinated water enters the hair shafts, it could strip the hair of its natural oil called sebum and may result into different hair problems such as frizziness, dullness and others.

Meanwhile, if you’re fond of going to the beach and spending all day in the sea water, you’re putting your hair at risk of more damage. The amount of salt that could be found in sea water can be damaging, especially if you get exposed to it at long periods of time. That, in combination with the scorching heat of the sun, you may find yourself dealing with tangled, brittle hair that keeps falling off.

Applying Too Much Shampoo

It’s true that shampoo could make your hair look cleaner, manageable and more vibrant. However, experts believe that applying shampoo everyday could actually strip hair of its natural oils. The hair’s natural oil called sebum makes the hair softer, shinier and less frizzy. It also protects the scalp. So to use shampoo everyday would mean not allowing hair to produce the sebum that it needs, ultimately putting it at risk of becoming dry.

Choosing the right brand of shampoo should also be noted. As much as possible, use products that are hypo-allergenic, nourishing and made from gentle and natural ingredients. Avoid chemical-rich products at all costs.

Frequently Heat Styling Your Hair

Heat styling may be necessary for most people, especially because they help you have great-looking hair. However, heat styling like blow drying and hair curling could be very drying and could damage your hair, especially if you do it everyday.

That being said, you should minimize your use of blow dryers and hair curlers. If possible, use it only when there’s a special occasion and set it at the lowest level of heat.

Never Brush Your Hair While It’s Wet

Never brush your hair when it is wet. When wet, your hair is weaker and therefore susceptible to breakage, split ends and hair loss.

Taking good care of your hair could only give you positive effects when you’re doing it right. Follow these tips and you just might find that your hair is smoother, healthier and softer. Full information available here, on how to protect your hair.