Tips To Take Special Care Of Your Hands And Feet

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Most people are very concerned about their faces and other parts of the body. Often, people go to extra lengths to buy facial products, body lotions and more. They do so just to make sure that their skin appears bright, clear and healthy. Read about how Era Organics cream can help your skin.

Despite our almost obsessive concern towards how our face looks like, a lot of people take for granted two equally important body parts that also need tender loving care: the hands and feet.

The hands and feet are two of the most exposed parts of the body. They’re often directly affected by sun light and various other environmental factors. Due to this, salons and spas offer services which mainly focus on the hands and feet. Today, these services are known as manicure (for the hands) and pedicure (for the feet).

This treatment not only pampers the hands and feet but ultimately brings a person to a relaxed state. Years ago, manicures and pedicures were availed of by women. These days, even men ask for these salon services.

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Things To Take Note Of In Getting A “Mani-Pedi”

Hygiene is perhaps the most crucial thing to consider in choosing a nail salon or spa to avail of a manicure and pedicure. In choosing a nail salon, you should always take note of their hygiene practices. The tools that they use for a “mani-pedi” should always be cleaned after use because it is very possible to acquire infections and diseases through them.

It is very essential to note if the instruments used for this purpose are sterilized or not. Most reputable salons these days now use nail tool sterilizers to deal with this. If possible, bring your personal nail care tool kit to a salon to be sure. Here is a machine you can use at home to get clear skin.

If done properly, a manicure and pedicure could make your hands and feet very soft, smooth and clean.

You Should Never Touch Your Cuticles

If you’re going to a nail salon or perhaps doing your manicure and pedicure at home, follow this one cardinal rule: do not attempt to cut or touch your cuticles.

Cuticles are those soft layer of skin at the other end of your nails, the one usually being pushed back towards the direction of the finger or else cut off.

What most people don’t know is the cuticle is the only natural barrier that your finger has against bacteria and fungus. When you cut off the cuticle, you run the risk of developing certain infections that could lead to permanent nail damage.

Moisturize Nail Beds

Much like our faces, nail beds also need moisturizing. This will help nails grow back quick and healthy. Ever notice your nail polish chips off or your nails just break even after using just a little force while opening, say, a bottle or can?

That only means your nails are not well hydrated. Keeping our nails moisturized with vitamin-rich solutions will help solve this problem.

Avoid Using Acetones

If you’re fond of painting your nails, then you’re very familiar with acetones and alcohol-based nail polish removers. Despite it being necessary in removing nail polish, acetones actually costs your nails to become thinner and more brittle. It strips the nails of its natural protecting composition. That being said, acetones should be used sparingly or use natural products or non-alcohol based products to remove nail polish.

Limit Usage Of Nail Extensions

Despite the fact that nail extensions are so trendy, you should only use it every once in a while. Nail extensions have long been found to cause fungal and bacterial infections due to the fact that germs and other microbes might live in it. Therefore, constantly wearing them would put you at a higher risk for infections. Plus, these extensions could cause your nails to become brittle. If, however, it is necessary to wear nail extensions, opt for nail tips extensions instead.

Avoid Nail Hardeners

Contrary to popular belief, hard nails doesn’t mean stronger nails. In fact, according to dermatologists, flexible nails are a sign of good health. Therefore, using nail hardeners actually do not have any benefits whatsoever. If anything, using the synthetic solution that promises stronger nails, actually only makes it weaker and more brittle.

Nails are not just ornaments in our body. They serve an important purpose to make life easier for us. That being said, we should also take care of them and avoid anything that might harm our nails at all costs.