Tips of Basic and Proper Hair Care to Achieve The Healthy Bouncy Hair

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Hair plays a major role in giving you a stylish look. It is, as they say our “crowning glory.” Hair is one of the first few things people unconsciously notice about us. There’s just something about hair that could either make a person look good or look bad. Hence, taking care of it is very vital to get a stunning appearance.

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Basic Haircut Tips

Despite this, not everyone has the time, will or money to really put weight into hair care. One of the basic things to consider when it comes to hair is the style.

One should be very careful in deciding on a hairdo, making sure that it suits the shape of your face or else the whole point of the hairstyle would be a failure.

For people with round faces, an asymmetrical haircut would look great. An asymmetrical haircut would most likely mean a layered hair cut with a side part and a long, side-swept bangs. Round faces would also work well with a hair bob, worn in a messy way.

For people with oval faces, blunt bangs along the brow lines would look great. This would create the illusion of width of your face by virtually breaking up its length. A center part also works well on oval faces as well as a collar-bone length bob with side-swept bangs.

Meanwhile, people with square-shaped faces should definitely consider getting a soft, tapered bob that ends with at the chin, worn in a natural, messy way. A long hair with waves from the ear level down would also help soften your jawline. This Glo Diamond Machine helps you achieve quality skin.

On the other hand, people with heart-shaped faces would look great with a bob cut that hits just below the jawline to help soften the triangle shape of your face. A side part would also be preferable for this face shape as well as a pixie cut with side-swept bangs.

Choose Your Hair Products Carefully

Hair product plays a vital role in keeping your hair as stylish as possible. Nothing is more unattractive than dull, brittle or lifeless hair.

In terms of hair care products, quality should always come into play. There are different types of hair texture: smooth hair, dry hair, rough hair, etc.

Before choosing a hair product, one should take into account what type of hair texture you’re dealing with. One should always get to know the hair type before anything else since all hair products are created differently for different purposes and have different effects.

For Colored Hair

If your hair is damaged or colored, hair care products that enhances hair color is preferable. Regular hair trimming every 6 to 8 weeks will help prevent split ends and will keep hair manageable. Hair conditioners should be used daily after shampooing and a weekly hair mask or hair spa treatment should also be considered. 

If you do not have colored hair but are interested in getting a hair color treatment, then choose a light shade that compliments your style and skin tone to avoid odd looks. Do not mix up many hair chemicals at once such as bleaching or hair relaxing as it will cause heavy damage. Do not always follow the advice of bloggers or people who are not certified hair specialists or stylists, since everyone has a different hair condition and what might work for them may not work for you. Hence, it is better to get advice from stylists or a professional in the first time.

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Washing Hair Regularly

It is important to wash your hair regularly as it helps to keep your hair clean. Contrary to popular belief, shampooing doesn’t always lead to unruly hair, especially if you’re using the right kind of products. However, if you have extremely dry hair, use shampoos only in necessary conditions.

It is better to use wide-toothed comb in order to avoid hair breakage. If you have dry hair, use hair brush instead.

Use blowers to save time in drying out your hair and but keep a cool temperature so as not to damage your scalp. Discover the difference, before and after microdermabrasion.

Organic hair products can also be a good alternative if you’re into healthy stuff, it might be a bit costly for the time being but just think about the benefits you’ll get for trying such.  Most of the products nowadays are made up of harmful chemicals which may lead to severe complications in the future e.g hair loss, frizziness, breakage, etc.