How to Use Microdermabrasion to Take Out Blackheads Once and for All!

woman holding onto her face

Blackheads are a worldwide problem that requires a firm hand to deal with. Many men will say that blackheads are only visible to women. Of course, plenty of men can see them too and would very much love to be rid of them.

Before we get into how microdermabrasion helps to take care of these blackheads once and for all, let’s take a look at what a blackhead really is:

nose pores clogged with blackheads and pimples

What are Blackheads?

A blackhead first forms when the sebum from your skin’s oil production gets trapped around the pores. The sebum oxidizes as it gets trapped, leaving you with a black mark on your face.

The fact that blackheads consist of a substance from your oil explains why the majority of them turn up around your hairline. That is because the hair touches your skin and leaves a portion of oil there. The oil builds up into a blackhead.

The First Thing You Shouldn’t Do!

Your first instinct when spotting a blackhead may be to squeeze and pop it. Don’t! For starters, putting your fingers all over the blackhead just adds more oil, thus, making the blackhead bigger.

Another reason popping a blackhead is a mistake is that you’ll only enlarge the pore. The enlarged hole will allow even more oil inside, once again, creating a larger blackhead.

In other words, keep your hands to yourself and your blackhead won’t get any worse. How will you get rid of it though? You may be considering using an herbal remedy much like what you may use for acne. While acne and blackheads are caused by similar things, herbs won’t have much of an effect as the oil is trapped under a layer of skin.

close up men's acne (before and after)

Using Microdermabrasion

What is microdermabrasion, you may ask? The purpose of microdermabrasion is to remove the unhealthy top layer of skin from damaged areas. Generally, the procedure is performed by a dermatologist, but there are hand-held devices which you can use in your home these days.

The device will spray small crystals over the skin. After doing so, the crystals will be sucked back up from the skin, taking the outermost layer of skin with them. The process only removes the top layer of your skin, leaving no scar or mark of any kind.

Blackheads can be dealt with especially well using this process. You remember the reasons why you shouldn’t pop a blackhead, right? Well, the microdermabrasion process allows you to remove the skin layer that is holding the blackhead in place without touching it with your oily fingers.

When the crystals get sucked back into the device, the oxidized sebum can be easily removed. Sometimes, it will just fall out on its own!

Doing so doesn’t hurt at all. The only potential side effect is that your skin may turn pink for a day or so.

The best part about the process is that it completely unblocks the pores, significantly reducing the chances of a new blackhead forming any time soon. Check out other facial benefits of microdermabrasion that i have written. Fantastic!